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It's Who You Know

Dahl’s has been a proud part of the Des Moines community for more than 80 years. Our roots are family-based, our employees are like family, and our vendors and suppliers are an extension of the tight-knit community connection we provide. 

It’s no secret that the stronger our relationships are with the people and farmers that provide our food, the more connected we are to our communities, and the harder we work at continuing and forming long-lasting relationships with our customers, the more everyone benefits. Because to have a truly successful shopping experience – it’s who you know that matters. And at Dahl’s, we’re proud to be who you know.

W.T. Dahl and J. Tone discuss the new Tone's spices

W.T. Dahl founded Dahl's Foods in 1931, on Des Moines' east side. Today, Dahl's has 13 stores throughout central Iowa, including their latest store in Ames. Continuing a deep heritage of introducing meaningful, relevant features, services and offerings that make the grocery store experience better, they work to make sure each new store is an innovative shopping experience for the customer. You can do just about anything now at your neighborhood Dahl's: pay your utility bills, cash your payroll check, mail a package, print your family photos, drop off your dry cleaning, rent a movie, get a key made, even fuel up on gas.

But the things people love most about Dahl's are the selection and the quality of the food. Every morning the bakery at Dahl's makes a fresh batch of their homemade donuts, soft White Mountain dinner rolls and famous gourmet chocolate brownie cookies. In the deli, more than 95 percent of the items are made-from-scratch at each store. And down the aisles, you'll always find the brands that matter most to you. Dahl's takes pride in offering "the best from the backyard" by purchasing through local vendors whenever possible and they are constantly searching for the freshest, most flavorful produce for their customers.

W.T. looking at the field that will soon be the Ingersoll Dahl's

Dahl's dedication to this community and customer needs are driven by their straightforward approach to providing a hometown grocery experience with contemporary amenities while maintaining their Midwest values. As they celebrate eight decades of service, they continue to uphold their reputation as "the markets designed with you in mind," and look forward to serving future generations of satisfied Dahl's customers.