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Our bakery features cakes for every occasion - from first birthdays to golden anniversaries and everything in between.

Traditional flavors including white, chocolate and marble, or specialty flavors like Champagne and cherry are available in various sizes of round and sheet cakes. Plus, we offer a great selection of Boston cream pies and other novelty delights.

Be sure to give us a call if you would like to custom order a made-from-scratch cake or personalize a pre-made cake with a special message or design. No matter what it is, we can handle it! (Just give us about 24-hours notice.)

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How to Cut Your Cake

These quick tips will have you cutting cake like a pro!

Round Cakes

Round cakes smaller than 8" in diameter can be cut into wedges. Large diameter round cakes should be cut into concentric circles starting two inches away from the outside edge of the cake. Each round should then be sliced into 1" pieces, resulting in pieces that are approximately 2" x 1". Continue cutting these circles into the cake until the center circle is small enough to be cut in thirds, fourths or sixths. Want larger slices? Simply begin further than 2" in from the outside edge or cut rounds wider than 1".

Rectangle and Square Cakes

These cakes are usually baked in even sizes (10", 12", 16") so depending on the size of the desired slice, you can either start at one edge and cut 2" slices vertically and 1" slices horizontally, resulting in pieces that are 2" x 1", or cut them 2" in both directions, resulting in pieces that are 2" x 2". Either method should leave you with neatly cut, even slices ready to be gobbled up.

    Specialty Shapes

    Heart-shaped Cakes
    Begin by cutting the cake vertically into twelves, 8ths, 6ths and quarters then go back and cut 1" slices horizontally. Within each row, slice 1" pieces of cake.

    Oval Cakes
    Like the others, begin by moving in 2" from the outer edge and cutting all the way across. Then slice 1" pieces of cake out of that section. Now move in another 2 in. and slice again in this manner until the entire tier is cut.

    Flower-shaped Cakes
    Much like circle cakes, cut concentric circles into the center of the cake until the middle is small enough to be divided into thirds, fourths or sixths. Cut each round into 1" slices.

    Irregular Shapes
    If your cake doesn't fit any regular scheme, you can always begin by cutting approximately 2" sections off all of the outliers, making yourself a rectangle or square cake with a few odd pieces on the outside.Then cut 1" or 2" slices our of each row, depending on how big you want your pieces.