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Made-From-Scratch Favorites

At Dahl's, our deli items are always made from scratch using our very own signature recipes and the freshest ingredients available.

Signature Hot Foods and Cold Salads

These signature dishes are available in the Deli Hot Case and for catering your next special occasion. Check your neighborhood Dahl's for specific availability.

Hot eats
Options include a variety of smoked meats, ribs, Salisbury steak, lasagna, meatloaf, breaded tenderloins, chicken nuggets, grilled chicken breast, fried burritos, mostaccioli pasta, baked beans, chicken and noodles, macaroni and cheese, crusty potatoes, hearty beef stew, and chicken livers and gizzards.

Cold salads
Choose from a wide range of vegetable salads, potato salads and pasta salads, all made with the freshest ingredients.

Deli Hot Case

Keep the family satisfied even when you're in a hurry. Stop by your Dahl's deli and choose from a wide assortment of  home-cooked entrees, pastas, casseroles and sides. Don't forget our long-time staple – fried chicken, our convenient grab-n-go rotisserie chickens as well as our slow, smoked meats from the smoker.