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Smart Chicken

At Dahl's, we're proud to offer Smart Chicken brand chicken products. Smart Chicken works to provide the safest poultry available at the highest quality by raising their chickens with:

  • No Animal By-products

  • No Antibiotics 

  • No Hormones

Their 100% natural cuts are then processed using purified cold air rather than non-potable water as with most brands. By chilling the chickens via circulating air instead of submerging them in tubs of chlorinated water, safety and taste are dramatically improved.

Smart Chickens are Certified Organic and free range with access to well-maintained pastures. Additionally, they're housed in state-of-the-art facilities that have both heat and air conditioning. In fact, Smart Chicken is the only chicken producer in the U.S. to have both Certified Organic and Certified Humane status.

Taste the Air-Chilled Difference

Proven by university studies, chilling chickens via circulating air instead of submerging them in tubs of chlorinated water dramatically improves the safety, taste and tenderness of the meat. Because no artificial ingredients are introduced and the chicken does not soak up solutions like immersion chilled chicken, the meat is better able to absorb the flavor of seasonings and marinades.

For more information on the Smart Chicken air-chilled difference, click here.

Certified Organic Smart Chickens have access to state-of-the-art heated and air conditioned facilities and are also free range, with access to grass pastures.